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Group: Release Stress & Manage Emotions

Sophrology to reduce stress, anxiety and manage emotions
yogahaven , Location in PC To Be Defined

Starts XXXX, XXXX pm, for four weeks
  • Expel tensions and eliminate negative thoughts
  • Refocus, manage your emotions and detach from tensions
  • Activate a state of peace and become filled with calm

We all need a certain amount of pressure to function well, as pressure helps people to reach their peak efficiency. Research shows that pressure can increase our energy and drive to meet deadlines and achieve targets. However, where do we draw the line? Prolonged, intense pressure can lead to too much stress, which negatively impacts our physical and psychological health.

Study after study shows that prolonged stress has a negative impact on health from high blood pressure to infertility. Stress affects the physiological and mental functioning. The overflow of hormones will send unpleasant signals (sweating, respiratory difficulties, joint and muscle tension…) and the mind will malfunction (negative thoughts, depression…).

Sophrology helps reduce stress, as exercises build up and make the vital energy circulate in the body and train the brain to become consistently positive and empowered. This approach contributes to restoring the balance in the body and in the mind.

Bookings and enquiries

For bookings and enquiries please contact  yogahaven on XXXX

or get in touch with Francoise directly on +507 6854 1166 / francoise.falise@gosophrology.com