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Sophrology can be taught in one-to-one sessions, group courses or workshops.

In all cases, a protocol is designed as a navigation map, and specific objectives are set for each session and exercise.

One-to-one sessions:

One-to-one sessions are more appropriate to address individual and personal objective.

The number of sessions depends upon the objective. Programs are short (6 to 12 weeks) as Sophrology aims to give individuals autonomy. Sessions are weekly and last around one hour.
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Group courses:

Group courses address topics of general interest. They are appropriate when several individuals share a common objective (release stress, develop children concentration and memory in
a school, support employees going through a structural change…).

Participants learn the basic technique and toolbox to reach a specific objective with more serenity.

Corporate workshops:

Workshops are available for corporations. They are tailored to reach the company’s specific needs. Sophrology helps the transition through organizational changes and improves teamwork and relationships.

Sophrology can also contribute to personal development by increasing self-confidence, motivation and creativity.
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