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In the work environment, a little pressure can have a positive impact, but too much stress can lead to distress, burn-out and can cost a lot.

According to the Huffingtong Post: “The astounding cost of work related stress to the economy reached a massive £6.5bn last year, demonstrating how prevalent an issue stress in the workplace has become in the UK.”

When it is recurrent, stress interferes with the proper functioning of the body. The stress hormone (cortisol) secreted in large quantities weakens the immune system, causing common disorders: colds, back pain, migraines, etc.

Sophrology is a powerful method to help with stress management. With simple exercises, easy to repeat in daily life, Sophrology provides employees and managers with tools to release tension, establish a state of calm, reconnect and activate professional competencies. 

Sophrology helps the transition through organizational changes and improves teamwork and relationships.

Sophrology can also contribute to personal development by increasing self-confidence, motivation and creativity.

Sophrology can be practiced in individual or group sessions and addresses different issues according to the company’s needs.

The practise of Sophrology will provide employees with a tool kit that will enable them to manage stressful situations on a sustainable basis and improve their personal and professional development, resulting in a direct impact on the company’s profitability.